Birthday Surprise

Gary and his family are huge LA Kings fans.

No surprise then that for Thomas' 15th birthday, 

his mom planned a surprise dinner 

(The flag wall was an added bonus -

Leia loved it!)

and a suite at Staples Center

for Saturday's game.

So much fun - 

and the Kings won! Hooray!

At the break (intermission?? halftime?) Leia and I walked around "C" level, 

admiring photos of various stars. Rihanna and BeyoncĂ© were her favorites. 

This was our second time watching the game from a suite.

It's definitely the way to go!



The Royal Run - aka the annual school jog-a-thon.

Lots of smiling, sweaty faces.


Still Growing

Jaclyn had another well-baby check-up - and three shots. Ouch!

She's still long and thin,

 just like her big sister.

The Mouse has grown too.

Mary is about 12-weeks now, still too soon to determine gender. Leia says this looks like a boy. Guess she has a 50% chance of being right!


Pool Day and Cousins

We finished out the weekend 

with a pool day morning 

featuring 'swim like a mermaid';

then lunch and carousel rides 

before starting the slow drive home.

Leanne and Jaclyn spent the night - Jac "helped" fold laundry (baby giggles!!) - 

and today the girls and I met up with more cousins for a trampoline jumping good time in Van Nuys.

That was a looooooong, fun, weekend. Can I sleep the rest of the week??


Medieval Fun

We have Leia for the weekend, unexpectedly, so we gotta go do something, right??

Leanne's mom was willing to let her come along, so today we packed up both girls and headed for Buena Park and Medieval Times. 

So. Much. Fun!

Leia caught a rose thrown to her by our Black and White Knight 

and Leanne screamed herself hoarse rooting for her favorite Blue Knight. 

The food was really good - a big improvement over previous visits - and the girls surprised us by actually eating and enjoying it. (They can be a bit picky …)

Leanne's lament was my favorite - "but when are they going to fight?!?" It took awhile but she got her bloodthirsty wish. We were in the second row, dead center, so she had a great view of the jousting. 

We're overnighting at a hotel in Irvine. The girls are thrilled to have a pool and room service. . Gotta raise them to appreciate the finer things!


Tree Quilting

How wonderful is this?
Long-arm quilted with a wood grain pattern - complete with knots - by my pal Debbie.
All it needs is for me to make a decision on the binding (blue? orange??) and get that finished. So excited with how this has turned out. 


Bigger On The Inside

Him: It's too big for your car.
Me: Nope. It will fit just fine.
Him: I'll bring the van up next week and pick it up.
Me: It will fit. Trust me.
It fit. 
I tried out every chair in the shop until I sat in this one - it's perfect. Cherry-wood gliding rocker, hand built by the Amish, purchased in Cambria on his birthday for me. Happy birthday to us both! (I love it sooooooo much.)


Birthday Weekend

Friday we headed north - sans grandkids - for a weekend celebration of hubby's birthday. 

The San Simeon beachfront hotel we've stayed in before was booked up, 

so we took a chance on the Sand Pebbles Inn on Moonstone Beach in Cambria.

Winner, winner! 

Gorgeous, comfortable room with a partial view of the ocean just across the street.

We had some great (and not so great) food,

 Elephant seals basking in the sun. These are the "small" males. The big guys come ashore beginning in November.

did a bit of sightseeing along the coast,

  Piedra Blancas Light Station. This was as close as we could get, unfortunately. 

bought a bunch of treasures from local antique stores,

 Can you spot the pelican?

and generally had a wonderful, relaxing time. 

 (Not so) grand canyon of the Pacific

Happy birthday to my sweetie. 

 Vintage VW car club 

I hope the next 40 years are as much fun as the last 40!

 Cayucos Pier for Sunday lunch