Baby Approved

The binding is on, so this quilt is officially d.o.n.e.

I put it on the floor to get FO* pics and Jackie made herself right to home.

Love that she's camera-friendly and willing to let me take shots of her.

This was a block-a-month project that started in February 2017. We did two blocks each month, putting the top together in the last class.

Still can’t believe it’s actually finished - and in the same year it was started!

So, who gets this one? That would be ME!

* FO = Finished Object


The Big Reveal

The newest grandbaby, due in April, is a. . . . 


 We could actually watch him sucking his thumb.

We were all good with either boy or girl - a healthy baby is what’s important (and doctor said baby looks healthy!) - 

 Kissing his knees.

but after four grandgirls, a grandboy is a nice change of pace.

 Cute little hand and ear!

So hurry up, April. We need a new baby to spoil!


Musical Interlude

One of Leanne's favorite things at Swetsville Zoo 

were the bells and accompanying golf ball mallet which she used to compose her own song. Be sure to turn the volume up . . . 


When A Zoo Is Not A Zoo

We figured out while enroute to our favorite local museum that it was closed on Mondays. Since we had promised Leanne a special outing on our last day in Colorado, this was Really Not Good.

Thank goodness for old-time local bloggers and that nice Mr. Google. 

Before Leanne even realized something was amiss, we were on our way to Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins. 

It's more sculpture garden than zoo, 

with a winding path through whimsical creatures,

both big 

and small;

space vehicles, 




and more.

I handed my camera to Leanne when we arrived

and she did me proud,

taking over 200 pictures -

including this self-portrait - 

during our 40-45 minute visit.

 Spark plugs for dinosaur teeth.

We had the park all to ourselves


and had fun wandering through the sculptures 

and enjoying a beautiful fall day. 

Hate to admit it, 

but I’m kinda glad the Discovery Museum was closed today.


Better Than Trees

While the adults went to TEDx yesterday, the little girls had a craft-video-dressup day. My local quilt shop had a super cute idea for button Christmas trees, so I brought the necessary bits and pieces with us from California.

And what do little girls do when presented with crafty bits and no adult supervision preconceived ideas? They make Royal Enchanters!

 Queen Enchanter

Addy says: This is the Queen Enchanter. She has wings and a rainbow crown with all the colors except black and white. Her dress is different color buttons. She has eyes and earrings. The clear buttons are her necklace.

 Princess Enchanter

Leanne says: I made a Princess Enchanter and named her Twinkles. She has a crown of different colors and invisible wings over her hands and arms. I gave her a dotted dress. She has special eyes, cheeks and nose.



Thought-provoking speakers

and interesting entertainment (I never knew what “slam poetry” was before today)

but after 11 hours, including travel time, I’m ready for my bed. This was my first TED Talk - Pop and Rachel have been to a couple previously - and I’d definitely do it again. 


Day of Shopping

We spent most of today shopping and traveling between shopping.

Leanne was a real trooper while we visited antique stores, repurposed salvage stores, quilt stores, craft stores and more. Her reward? After every store where her behavior was good, she got one candy pixie stick. She was thrilled. (I ❤️ little kids!)

She also earned $$ to spend on whatever she wanted. She held onto her dough until we were almost done and then fell hard for Tabby Kitty. It was truly love at first sight. 

The most memorable store, hands down, was in the small town of Berthoud*. This picturesque, in-door, open air antique store (Leanne: I can see my breath!) also had a strong, authentic eau-de-bovine scent.  The owner says they try to stay open until Christmas but she doesn’t think they’ll make it this year. #toocold #noheating They had interesting stock, so we’ll probably go for another visit when it’s warmer.

* This teeny tiny town also had a great quilt store - Laughing Ladies Quilting. Hoping to go back for a longer visit next time we’re in Colorado.