One Little Ruler

Grandma went to the store for one little quilting ruler - to finish this project* -

and came out with three ballerina skirts 

- including a teeny tiny one for Jac -

and no ruler. Oops. But really - what grandma could say "no" to a 70% off sale on pure happiness???

* Fabric is "Fancy" by Moda. Missouri Star quilt tutorial is here.


Killin' Time

Killing time . . .

waiting for grandma to get her hair cut . . .

so we can go to the pumpkin patch . . .

It's a hardship . . .

but someone has to do it.

So glad

these guys

 Tongue out for increased concentration.

were willing

to take one for the team.


Pumpkin Patch Protocol

Our rule on pumpkins is "if you can lift it, you can have it".

The big girls usually try for the largest melons they can find - 

although some years they think small is better.

Jac was a bit slow getting into the swing of things,

- this was, after all, her first walk in the patch -

but once she figured out she could play in the dirt

and pick up (almost) anything she wanted, 

she was off and running. 

The winds and heat 

are supposed to come back tomorrow 

so I'm glad we had a chance 

to go punkin' huntin' today.

Now we just need to figure out 

whether to carve

or paint our treasures this year.

Word Of The Day

Jaclyn's not a big talker (yet). 

She'll say "dada", "cat" and "ruff ruff" on request - and occasionally "mama" makes an appearance - 

but Monday, when we got out the bubble wand, we discovered another word she knows …


And "wow wow wow". 

I think she liked them. 


Birthday Surprise

Gary and his family are huge LA Kings fans.

No surprise then that for Thomas' 15th birthday, 

his mom planned a surprise dinner 

(The flag wall was an added bonus -

Leia loved it!)

and a suite at Staples Center

for Saturday's game.

So much fun - 

and the Kings won! Hooray!

At the break (intermission?? halftime?) Leia and I walked around "C" level, 

admiring photos of various stars. Rihanna and BeyoncĂ© were her favorites. 

This was our second time watching the game from a suite.

It's definitely the way to go!